80° North - A Svalbard Odyssey (e-bok) av Kaj K

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The Arctic desolation and the force of nature does something to your mind, and the perception of self and life. It touches you. And it creates a profound humility as you are reminded of your unimportance in the moving of events.

80° North is a photographic story of Svalbard and Spitsbergen, the cluster of islands close to the North Pole. Included are more than 100 unique images, offering a contemplating read.

80° North - A Svalbard Odyssey

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Författare Kaj Karlsson (författare), Kaj Karlsson (annat)

Förlag Stella Borealis
Utgiven 21 oktober 2016
Genrer Fackböcker, Konst, Musik, Teater, Film, Hälsa, Livsstil, Fritid, Resor & Geografi
Språk English
Format pdf
Kopieringsskydd Vattenmärkt
ISBN 9789198205121